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Dominik Andrzejczuk

Ponderings of a Former Silicon Valleyan
Venture Capitalist, Physicist, Engineer, Former Silicon Valley.
Based in London, UK & Warsaw, Poland.

Deploying a Nuxt.js App within your Docker Orchestration - A Simple Step by Step Guide

How to deploy a SSR (Server Side Rendered), or in Nuxt's case, a Universal Deployment within your Docker orchestration.

The Science of Consciousness - The Paradox of Quantum Physics and Spirituality Convergence

Spirituality and Science don't typically go hand in hand, but recent research is showing us that there may be a relationship. Quantum Mysticism, Quantum Consciousness are all the latest terms coined by the pioneers in the field.

Corporate Venture, Public Grants & the Race for Bleeding Edge Technologies - The New Research & Development Paradigm

We are living in similar times to that of the Apollo Missions. Public and Private Sector spending on Research and Development has hit new high in the last decade.

The History of Public Sector Investing and How it Impacted Computing

One key event in the history of science and technology, was the funding of the Apollo Missions. From that point on, Technology hit a new inflection point, that brought about unimaginable advances in science and computation.

The Second Computing Revolution - The Rise of Quantum Computing and Other Hardware Architectures

The world is on the cusp of the second computing revolution. Moore's Law has been losing momentum, and advancements in hardware are necessary to continue the pace of innovation. Quantum Computers, Optical Computers and other Application Specific Silicon are coming out big on the scene.